Backcountry goes Xtreme

If you thought the new 2016 Jeep Wrangler was already a head-turning beast of beauty, than beware the whiplash when you see the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry.   2016 is the year the Wrangler Backcountry goes Xtreme – more specifically, the Backcountry goes Xtreme Purple. This 1990s-inspired hue might bring up some bad haircut, mixtape nightmares, but trust us when we say that on the Wrangler Backcountry, the Xtreme Purple design is a stunner. Even its sorta-strange pink rear decals are oddly enchanting. A Jeep hasn’t had this much flare since Jurassic Park; apparently, they just knew how to deck-out a Wrangler back in the ‘90s.   The Backcountry is Read More →