new Chevrolet Volt price

The new Chevrolet Volt probably doesn’t need to lower its price to entice tons of new customers to the next-generation of the EV model, but the Bowtie brand has slashed $1,175 off the sticker price of the new Volt anyhow, making it an even more affordable option for new EV customers. Those customers are turning up in droves, too; over 70% of new buyers trade in non-GM cars when getting their Volt. The new Chevrolet Volt price, after the slash, starts at just $33,995—and that includes the $825 delivery charge. Of course, you can also get a $7,500 tax credit applied to your purchase since it’s an electric vehicle, and Read More →

First Chevy Volt to Reach 200,000 Miles

The Chevy Volt has reached a new milestone. One Volt, owned by Erick Belmer, has gone the distance – topping 200,000 miles on its speedometer – logging more miles than any other Volt to date. Even more impressive? Belmer says his Volt is in great shape and hasn’t lost any battery capacity. Belmer has been in the news because of his Volt more than once. With a daily commute of 220 miles there and back, this Volt has been well ahead of its siblings in mileage since it was purchased in March of 2012. We first heard about Belmer’s Volt about a year ago when it had logged at least Read More →