Chevy customization options

You may think you know everything there is to know about the new Colorado, but think again. Chevrolet has even more planned for your future mid-size pick-up than you can shake a stick at!

The 2015 Colorado is getting a whole slew of Chevy customization options. While a number of the add-ons are in the works; special editions, multiple trim levels, performance pieces and up to 50 accessories are already in the books for the new Colorado.

That means that your Colorado can be fitted and kitted to meet all of your needs and wants for your pickup. Whether you are buying your midsize for work or casual use, Chevrolet has your needs in mind.

Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet’s truck marketing director, said, “These are all things that a lot of consumers consider or add when they buy a truck so we think there is an opportunity there for us to help them with that customization, right from the showroom floor.”

The team at Carl Hogan Automotive is here to tell you everything you need to know about your new Colorado. For the best deals and options, come chat with us on site or contact us by phone!

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