It’s hard, no, impossible to compare the SXT to the SRT Hellcat, but while the Hellcat spits out a teeth-rattling 707 horsepower and will really draw the crowds to the dealership, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus is the one they’ll drive home in. Sure, the Hellcat is the stuff automotive dreams are made of, but its higher price tag, higher maintenance costs, and higher insurance rates will really drive away the average consumer.

This car gives off a no-nonsense vibe, with a sleek design hiding a V6 engine under the hood. Details such as the front splitter and fully functional hood vents really give away the power this vehicle has. The 20-inch wheels are a standard part with the SXT Plus, however you can opt to go with a $695 Super Track Pak, which paints the wheels black and also includes performance-oriented tires, suspension, brakes and paddle shifters.

The interior of the car has been adapted for comfort and luxury, with high-quality materials that have never been standard in previous versions of the Challenger. Nappa leather sport seats have been placed in the cabin and they look so luxurious and supple that we’re thinking about replacing our living room furniture with them. The steering wheel has been updated and the standard Chrysler switchgear has helped to rework the whole interior, and to be honest, it makes driving anything else seem silly. Behind the wheel, it’s nothing like your typical American muscle car experience.

Here at Carl Hogan Automotive, we are excited to see the updated version of a classic muscle car from our brand, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

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