2020 Ram 1500 Columbus, MS

While a pickup truck might not be your first suggestion if you were asked to name the most luxurious vehicle on the road today, some industry experts would like the opportunity to change your mind. In January, Cars.com officially named the Ram 1500 as 2020’s Luxury Car of the Year. Here’s how the not-so-humble pickup fared against more traditional luxury competitors.

According to Jenni Newman, Cars.com’s Editor-in-Chief, one of the organization’s reasons for selecting the pickup as the Luxury Car of the Year is because high-end variants like the Longhorn and Limited trims “stand out from the crowd thanks to their stunning interiors with premium wood, leather, metal and chrome finishes, an awe-inspiring multimedia system and outstanding ride quality.”

The Ram 1500 might be a rugged pickup with enough engine capacity to tow up to 12,750 pounds, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the creature comforts that are typically seen on luxury vehicles. The Ram 1500’s impressive, 12-inch Uconnect 4C infotainment screen is the centerpiece of the truck’s dashboard and has split-screen capabilities to accommodate two users at once. Even the truck’s utility features are luxurious, including its configurable multifunction tailgate and convenient cargo management system.

With a comfortable cabin, robust technology features, and plenty of functionality, the Ram 1500 is the obvious choice for the year’s most luxurious vehicle. Visit our website today to browse our Ram inventory.

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