Some people say that car camping is for the faint at heart. While no one is knocking backcountry camping, this milder form of camping has lots of advantages that simply make it easier for people to get out and about. Here are three reasons to car camp this summer…


# 1 – It’s cheaper!


Backcountry camping requires a lot of equipment, if you want to do it right. Car camping means you don’t need a tent, a sleeping pad or tons of extra clothing to stay warm. Your car provides all of these!


# 2 – You will probably sleep better


Even veteran backcountry campers have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Unlike the cold, hard, unforgiving ground, your car was made to be comfortable. Plus, you have climate control!


# 3 – Car camping makes it easy


Car camping lets you get out and commune with a nature but in an easy, effortless kind of way. Drive back to a camping site. Go hike and fish and swim to your heart’s desire. Come back, build a fire and hang out. Then enjoy a good night’s rest in your car.

reasons to car camp

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