Believe it or not, food may have been the inspiration for your car’s color. Buick color designers have recently been drawing from food as potential sources for colors. You could definitely say they have unique taste.

According to Buick, designers often use vegetables and fruits to help them come up with a new palette to choose from. A good example of this is “Choccachino” (similar to a chocolate cappuccino) and Toasted Coconut Metallic, interior and exterior colors that come on new 2016 models. Even the Avenir Concept at the Detroit Auto Show was made to look similar to an artichoke in color.

“Artichokes have a beautiful color,” said Krysti Murphy, creative designer, Buick Color and Trim. “When we look at that type of vegetable, we take the green tones and desaturate them, creating more of a silvery green by adding metallic flakes. This creates a richer, more wearable color.”

People naturally make associations with certain colors, so if you have a good experience with a certain food, certain colors are more attractive. For example, coffee-colored cars might be relaxing, and Lime Green might make you want to have a party.

Buick color designers

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