As cars become more and more like computers, filled with digital technology that tells them how to perform, computers hackers now pose a threat to the automotive industry—and to drivers. Security surpasses simply protecting your presence online and through your phone; hackers are trying to gain access and control to vehicles through on-board computer systems.

Because Chrysler cares about its customer’s security and safety, the automaker is taking proactive steps to improve security in its vehicles. However, Chrysler isn’t doing it alone; it’s calling on the help of its customers.

Through the website BugCrowd, Chrysler is issuing a financial reward for hackers who can find security gaps and defects in the brand’s models. These “bug bounties” can earn people around the world up to $1,500 for spotting the deficiencies in vehicle systems.

According to Chrysler, this is the next leap in vehicle security testing and safety optimization. We at Carl Hogan think the Chrysler bug bounty program a great idea to make sure the cars we sell won’t let you down.

Chrysler Bug Bounty Program

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