2018 Chrysler 300The fall season is finally here and with the cooler weather, pretty leaves, and holidays comes new road hazards. We at Carl Hogan Automotive would like to share some fall weather driving tips from SafeBee.com writer Muriel Vega.


Fog can be a major hazard during fall. While it will clear up as the day goes on, most drivers make their daily commute in the morning. Combined with the sun, fog can be blinding. Make sure to have your lights on, exercise caution, and keep an eye out for brake lights.

Wet Leaves

Mississippi isn’t free from the fall rains and falling leaves. While a sight to take in, a combination of the two can be cause for worry. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice and hide lane markers.

Avoid braking on roads covered in leaves, especially if it has recently rained. It pays to keep your eyes on the edge of the road and pay attention to your lane as well. Staying a little further away from the cars in front of you provides you with more time to brake.

Routine Maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance is a necessity no matter what fall climate you reside. An oil change, tire rotation, and other common service items can make driving during any season much safer. On top of that, regular maintenance offers increased fuel economy, a smoother ride, and plenty of other benefits, too.

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