Advertising is always key in the automotive industry—especially when it’s Super Bowl Sunday. This is why it comes as no surprise that FCA US aired three new commercials for its different brands this year, showing how a combination of humor and beautiful scenery can be the perfect mixture.

“FCA US always strives to do something different, something unexpected, yet with a purpose, for the largest television audience of the year and this year’s Super Bowl videos are no exception,” said Fiat Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois.

There’s no denying that FCA US Super Bowl commercials were anything but expected. The first spot featured the Fiat 500X and was called “The Fiat 500X Blue Pill.” Featuring an amorous, old Italian man, it explains just how the 500X got to be so much larger. The second spot was Dodge’s “Wisdom” ad, which starred 11 centenarians giving advice on living life to the fullest—with a twist. Finally, the Jeep Renegade got its day with a 90-second spot called “Beautiful Lands,” which showed off the beauty of our country and how the Renegade can help you see it in full.

To see the FCA US vehicles advertised in these great ads, make sure you stop in to the Carl Hogan Automotive showroom today!

FCA US Super Bowl Commercials

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