The Chevy Volt has reached a new milestone. One Volt, owned by Erick Belmer, has gone the distance – topping 200,000 miles on its speedometer – logging more miles than any other Volt to date. Even more impressive? Belmer says his Volt is in great shape and hasn’t lost any battery capacity.

Belmer has been in the news because of his Volt more than once. With a daily commute of 220 miles there and back, this Volt has been well ahead of its siblings in mileage since it was purchased in March of 2012.

We first heard about Belmer’s Volt about a year ago when it had logged at least 20,000 more miles than the highest mileage LEAF in the US. Just four months later, the Volt celebrated its second birthday with a speedometer reading of 146,000 miles. Now, Belmer’s pride and joy is the first Chevy Volt to reach 200,000 miles.

Belmer’s Volt has seen more than many cars will see in their lifetime, at just 2.5 years old. Impressively, besides oil changes that come once every 38,000 miles and tire rotations every 10,000 miles, Bremer’s Volt hasn’t required any additional maintenance.

Talking about his Volt to, Bremer says, “Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery capacity loss. Used 9.7 kw because it’s a 2012. I am so pleased with this vehicle! The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it every day is a dream come true! This car is wonderfully engineered!”

That’s a lot of explanation points… but it’s also a lot of excitement!  Belmer seems to be just as passionate about his Volt as we are about the ones on our lot. Stop by Carl Hogan Automotive today to learn more about the dependable and practical Chevy Volt!

First Chevy Volt to Reach 200,000 Miles

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