We’d ask you if you are a bad driver but the problem with bad drivers is that they never admit it! We listed out five signs of bad driving. If you do these things, first, be honest with yourself. Second… Stop it!

You might be a bad driver if… you no longer have side-view mirrors because you keep knocking them off on other cars or those yellow poles that guide you through the drive-thru or pedestrians.

You might be a bad driver if… you never use your turn signal. Sure, you know where you are going but the rest of us would love to know too. Predictability is essential to traffic safety.

You might be a bad driver if… your doctor had to prescribe you pharmaceuticals to control your road rage. Come on, everybody makes mistakes out there. Who are you to take it personally?

You might be a bad driver if… other drivers are constantly mean-mugging you, honking at you, gesturing at you and maybe every once in awhile, even trying to run you off the road. As we said, everyone makes mistakes so evoking a gesture from time to time is par for the course. But if it’s constant–you are doing something wrong.

You might be a bad driver if… your friends never want to ride with you. You think it’s because your car smells from that empty yogurt cup you left in there. Nope. You are a bad driver and your friends are too nice to tell you. At least you have nice friends.

There is new technology out there to help drivers like you… you might want to consider it.

signs of bad driving

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