college studentsGoing back to school generally results in a mixture of emotions. Some students enjoy their time at college while others simply want to get their degree and move on. Getting ready to go back to school isn’t something to take lightly, no matter who you are. Here are a few back-to-school tips from us here at Carl Hogan Automotive.

Reward Yourself

Don’t spend all of your time with your nose in a book. Set aside some time to reward yourself for your hard work. No student wants to burn out in the first few weeks, after all.

A reward can be as simple as your favorite snack, spending time outside, or playing a sport. General Motors even has a college student discount that can make a selection of vehicles more affordable.

Plan Ahead

With college starting back up, it’s time to plan ahead. Check your class schedule and create a calendar that lists every assignment and major exam so you’re never caught by surprise. Make sure you have all your books and that your finances are in order, too.

Ask for Help

Falling behind early on is the number one way to do badly in a college course. If you find yourself struggling early on, ask another student or the instructor for help.

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