Congratulations to the General Motors Arlington Assembly Center! In the midst of recognizing its 60th year of operations, the plant recently produced its 10 millionth vehicle, a black 2015 Chevy Suburban.

We at Carl Hogan Automotive are still having a hard time comprehending 10 million vehicles. What a testament that number is to the hard work of the plant’s employees and the quality of Chevrolet’s products.

This year also happens to be the Chevy Suburban’s 80th anniversary. These certainly are exciting times with numerous reasons to celebrate.

Dave Holt, one of the employees on the general assembly line who has worked for the plant for 50 years, has been present for most of the plant’s milestones.

“It’s a lot of fun when we build a special car, there’s always a ton of excitement from the team to watch it roll off the end of the line,” he stated.

We may not have the special 10 millionth vehicle manufactured at the Arlington Assembly Center in stock, but we have plenty of Suburbans and other great Chevy-made vehicles on sale here at Carl Hogan Automotive.

Arlington Assembly Center

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