2021 Chevrolet Colorado

The 2021 GMC Yukon and GMC Sierra HD have both been recognized in the KBB Best Resale Value Awards, which look at vehicles with the lowest depreciation in each vehicle segment.

As new vehicle prices go up, it is becoming increasingly important for new vehicle buyers to consider resale value. An expensive car that loses its value quickly can cost you a lot more money than an inexpensive car that loses its value just as fast.

According to KBB, the GMC Yukon has the best resale value in the full-size SUV segment, while the GMC Sierra HD has the best resale value in the heavy-duty pickup truck segment. Values are determined using a wide range of data including vehicle specifications, sales volume, auction results, and the current condition of the market.

KBB predicted that after five years of ownership, the Yukon would still be worth 46.4 percent of its original value, while the Sierra HD would still be worth 56.8 percent of its original value. These are excellent figures that some vehicles can struggle to match even after only three years.

A car is more than just a tool to get you around — it’s also an investment. And according to KBB, the Yukon and Sierra HD make for very good investments! Check out both vehicles at your convenience at Carl Hogan Automotive in Columbus, Mississippi!

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