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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it comes brisk temperatures, falling leaves, football season, and of course, breaking bread with family. However, if this is your first year hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you might also have an unwelcome dinner guest: anxiety. Don’t fret — Carl Hogan Automotive has some hot tips to make hosting Thanksgiving as easy as pumpkin pie.

Keep Dinner Simple

Don’t use Thanksgiving as an excuse to try out fancy new techniques in the kitchen. You’ve got enough to worry about, so stick to crowd-pleasing classics that you feel comfortable making. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from an experienced cook in your family.

No One Can Tell The Difference

Keep Thanksgiving desserts simple by opting to purchase a pre-made pumpkin pie. We promise — nobody will taste the difference in store-bought and homemade.  

Save Space

Instead of taking up precious counter space with dozens of cookbooks, consider taping printed recipes to cabinets. For an even more economical space solution, just screenshot the recipes on your phone or tablet.

Plan Early

Set your planned menu for Thanksgiving dinner up to a month early. This way, you can have adequate time to prepare for the big day. Bonus – you might even be able to score a deal on some ingredients.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Carl Hogan Automotive team.

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