Whether you are a casual observer of the Jeep’s off-roading line-ups or are an aficionado of the brand, you probably can’t escape the sense of adventure while looking over the Jeep Wrangler family of cars. And now, there’s one more thing to get excited about. The ever capable, go-anywhere brand just unveiled a concept Wrangler that just might hint at the exciting future for the lineup.

Although just a concept, the Red Rock Responder is a Jeep pickup truck version of the four-door Wrangler which features custom parts, red and black accents, over-sized tires, and a pickup bed. Jeep brand CEO Mike Manley says, “I am a huge fan of a pickup truck in the Jeep brand. Not just because of the history—it has been part of our history over the years—but also because it is one of the top subjects of topics that we have for discussion with our customers.”

The talk of the pickup Jeep coincides with the new model Wrangler to be produced in Findlay, Ohio. The plant is currently retooling and expanding to produce aluminum body components for the Jeep that will lighten the vehicles and add to their capabilities.

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Jeep pickup truck version

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