luxury car care tips

Keeping your luxury car in pristine condition can be easy, as long as you’re willing to follow some basic steps. Whether you have a new sedan or old SUV, if you want your car to look good, follow these luxury car care tips.

According to Kelley Blue Book, you should do the basics like get regular oil changes, do basic maintenance, and drive with caution. These will keep any car in good working order.

For those with luxury cars, however, there are some extra steps to take. Exterior maintenance is especially important, so be sure to wash, rinse, and wax at least once a month. Polishing chrome is also a must, and is easy with chrome cleaner. Don’t have one? Try using diet cola and aluminum foil in a pinch.

Keeping your windows clean can also be a hassle. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners (which can peel paint and damage leather), and spring for alcohol-cleaner instead. Spray on the cloth (preferably micro-fiber) before wiping the window, not vice versa. Finally, when it’s all dry, wipe it down with clean newspaper for a glare-free shine.

Last but not least, clean your leather. Vacuum everything thoroughly, and clean using 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts linseed oil. Spray solution on a rag, gently scrub, and wipe clean. Do this regularly for spotless seats.


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