Cadillac rim

Cadillac coupes are few and far between, but when the brand does come out with a new coupe, you can rest assured it will blow you away. The CTS and ATS Coupes are among the few currently offered by Cadillac, though the brand will soon stop offering both. Luckily, recent patent drawings confirm that Cadillac will be designing a CT5 Coupe, an all-new model that’s truly modern. We’re looking forward to welcoming it to our showroom here at Carl Hogan.

According to Top Speed, the Cadillac CT5 Coupe, which will also be accompanied by a sedan version, will likely come with thin headlights, thin mirrors, a small hood vent, and fat tires to support a high-performance powertrain. The aerodynamic contours and minimalistic design imply a modern look, while the dimensions reveal that this will be one sporty model. It has also been suggested that the CT5 is modeled on the Escala concept car, with a few added touches.

“We don’t know much about the production model, but the vehicle in the drawings is clearly a concept. Not only does it have the same details as the Escala,” reports Top Speed.

Other features on the all-new coupe include a low and sloping roofline, wide C-pillars, and a large rear spoiler to provide added downforce at high speeds. There’s also a track-inspired diffuser on the bumper.

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