The Jeep Wrangler isn’t just one of the most beloved Jeeps – it’s one of the most beloved vehicles, too. But the Wrangler is adding an all-new look for the 2019 year. It’s the Jeep Wrangler pickup.

Jeep Wrangler pickup debut

Jeep + Pickup = match made in heaven

The pickup truck will be Jeep’s first pickup since 1992. For seven years, the Jeep Comanche rocked the road and before that, the Jeep Gladiator. Jeep trucks rested for a bit while Dodge’s pickup line came out. But now, the Jeep pickup will be back – in Wrangler form, of course.

The body of the truck will look like the infamous Wrangler all while sporting that useful truck bed. The unique, boxy, Wrangler look will truly make it a standout on the road.

The name of this much-anticipated pickup truck has not yet been decided, but Jeep is considering bringing some classic Jeep truck names back.

The truck is expected to be released in the last quarter of the 2019 year. The wait for the Jeep Wrangler pickup debut will be worth it once you see everything it has to offer. “The key thing for me is to make sure the new Wrangler is fully up and running,” said Mike Manley, head of Jeep.

That means that once it’s ready, the Wrangler pickup will impress you—and us at Carl Hogan Automotive—at every turn.

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