It may not be an official complex recognized by licensed psychiatrists but car superiority is a real thing. It’s what leads people to believe that bicyclists don’t have any rights. They do and that’s why you should learn how to share the road with cyclists.

Most of the time that we encounter cyclists on the road we are attempting to pass them. There are a few things to remember when overtaking a cyclist. First of all, be patient and wait until the oncoming lane is clear. Give the cyclist plenty of space as you pass. As you wait, do not tailgate.

Cyclists ride on the right. Remember that when you go to turn right at an intersection. Even if a cyclist is riding behind you at a safe distance, they could catch up with you as you slow down for the turn.

If you live or work in an area where there is a lot of bicycle traffic, remember to look for them as you back up out of your driveway or any other time you are in reverse. If you often park on the street, check your rear view mirror before you open your door. Since cyclists ride on the right, you could cause them to collide with your open door.

Every year, hundreds of cyclists sadly lose their lives on the road. Help keep them safe by following these rules on how to share the road with cyclists.

how to share the road with cyclists

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