You win some and you lose some. But when you get it right, there’s nothing quite like it. There’s just a certain pride that comes with parallel parking like a champ.

January is Teen Driving Awareness Month, and parking will inevitably be part of any teen driver’s education. Any teen (or adult for that matter) that wants to know how to parallel park needs to study the work of Alistair Moffat.

Mr. Moffat recently set the Guinness World Record for parallel parking. Using a Fiat 500C, he parallel parked between two other Fiats, leaving a margin of only 3 inches total between his car and the cars in front and behind him. He had held the parallel parking record previously but it had since been broken. Commenting on his achievement, Moffat said, “It’s wonderful to have my record back!”

It should be noted that Alistair Moffat is a stunt driver. And it would be wise for most of us to skip any space that would only afford us 3 inches of margin. But next time you attempt to parallel park, know that if Alistair Moffat can do what he did, you can do it!

parallel parking record

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