When traveling to some of your favorite vacation destinations in any of the new trucks in GMC’s lineup, it’s important to ensure your trailer in tow is set up properly. To help you out, we’ve put together a few summer trailering tips.

    • Tire Inflation: Make sure both your truck and trailer’s tires are properly inflated before taking off. Improper tire inflation effects fuel efficiency and handling.
    • Spare Trailer Tire: Your truck comes equipped with a spare tire, make sure you pack one for your trailer too. A flat tire could become timely and very costly on a summer road trip.
    • Adjust Mirrors: When you have a trailer on the back of your truck it’s important to adjust your mirrors to ensure you can effectively see behind and around you.
    • Load Evenly: When you’re loading the trailer for you summer haul, try to load as evenly as possible so the bulk of it is not weighing down one side of the trailer.
    • Driving Preparation: Turning, reversing,and braking are all affected when you have a trailer. Be sure to practice the new motions if you’re not familiar with driving with a trailer attached.

We hope you have a wonderful time on your summer vacation! If you’re planning to tow a trailer along with you, we hope our tips provide some help when prepping your truck.

Summer Trailering Tips

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