Pleasant surprises make a road trip memorable. The best way to make that happen is to go off-grid, under the radar, and take the road less traveled that leads to these awesome and strange Mississippi travel destinations…


The Grave Of The Gypsy Queen – Meridian


If you visit Rose Hill Cemetery in Meridian, you won’t have any trouble finding the Grave of the Gypsy Queen. Her plot will inevitably be covered with all sorts of objects of veneration. The Queen was Romani woman who died while giving birth in 1915. It is reported that 20,000 Romani showed up to pay homage at her funeral. Ever since, her grave has been an attraction both for its history and the reports of supernatural “energies” around her grave.


The Crossroads – Clarksdale


It is said that blues legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil so that he could play the blues. What has helped give credence to this idea is the fact that Robert Johnson was a mysterious figure who clearly had a mastery of the blues. According to lore, Johnson made his pact at a crossroads. Could it be the Crossroads in Clarksdale that is now marked with a guitar sculpture? Visit and find out for yourself!


Ghost Town – Lorman


At one point, the town of Rodney was nearly made the capital of the Mississippi Territory. Thanks to flooding and being ignored by the railroad, the town fell into decay. You can certainly say that the infamy of the ghost town of Rodney has a lot to do with the fact that it is extremely hard to find. GPS technology won’t lead you there and many who seek to visit the ghost town can’t find it.

strange mississippi travel destinations

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