Used cars are becoming more and more popular thanks to advances in durability, technology, and engineering. While drivers in previous decades may have been wary of buying used, it makes sense for many car shoppers today to at least test pre-owned vehicles. There are a few tips for buying used to keep in mind next time you shop.

According to US News, you should always take your time and look carefully at every body panel individually. Look for dings, dents, rust, and scratches. Commonly overlooked areas include the roof, hood, and trunk lid. Body damage not only lower the value, but if the panels are wavy or uneven, it may mean there is underlying body damage.

Chrysler 200S

You should also check used cars for uneven tire wear if possible. Tires should always wear uniformly if they are riding properly—if not, there could be issues with the frame or alignment. Though this is sometimes a simple fix, there is potential for more serious problems if you notice uneven wear.

Finally, listen carefully to the car. The engine should run smoothly, even when idling, and a squealing belt can be a sign that the car needs maintenance. Also, pay attention to humming or throbbing, as these can be signs of mechanical issues.

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