You love your car and you love driving – but you probably don’t love spending money on gas. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to save gas so that you can hit the road without hitting your wallet. Here are some tips from Carl Hogan Automotive.

Tips on saving gas

We could all save gas while driving!

Keep Tires Inflated

Check your tire pressure regularly to save money on gas. The lower your tire pressure is, the more resistance you have against the road, and the more gas you burn.

Slow Down

Believe it or not, simply slowing down will save you money on gas. Going the speed limit everywhere, in the city and on the highway, will actually help you save gas.

Gradual Breaking/Acceleration

If you practice gradual stopping and accelerating, it could actually save your gas mileage by up to 35%. Instead of slamming down on the gas at traffic lights, try moving gradually forward.

Be Smart When Keeping Cool

The air conditioner/open windows debate has been around for a while. Just be smart about it! If you’re driving fast on the highway, this is when open windows can cause wind resistance and reduce gas mileage. On the other side, using air conditioning in stop-and-go traffic or city driving can burn gas.

Get out on the road today and try these gas-saving tips!

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