Just like exposure to the sun can damage your skin, sunlight can also damage your car’s “skin.” Over time, exposure to the sun’s rays does a number to your car, both outside and inside. To ensure your car is protected from this threat, here are some ways to prevent sun damage.


Wash It: Regularly cleaning and waxing your car, including thoroughly drying it, will keep corrosive dirt from building up. Wax your tires too and clean up all trash inside the car.

Prevent Sun Damage


Hide It: Park your car in shaded, secluded areas where it’s not out in the open and exposed to direct sunlight.


Screen It: Use a sunscreen in your windshield to lessen the amount of sunlight entering through the windows and fading (and baking) your car’s interior.


Protect It: After-market protectants—both temporary and long-term—can be purchased and applied to your car’s exterior coat to give it more of a shield from the sun. Similarly, window tinting can be added for extra interior defense.


Check It: The sun’s heat can also damage your car under the hood, so check its fluid levels and tire pressure regularly.

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