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Selecting a new car is a very in-depth process. There are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is the color of your new vehicle. According to a report from Fox Business, each car color also has something to say about your personality. Read on to discover what each car color stands for.


Black vehicles are among the most popular, due in part to the sense of sophistication they create.


On the other spectrum are white vehicles, which represent a more practical level of refinement.


Trendsetters tend to set out in silver vehicles, keeping up with popular culture.


Rather than stand out like silver vehicle, grey vehicles are more likely to blend into a crowd.


Drivers with bold personalities tend to gravitate toward the bold color of red.


While red represents passion, blue stands for peace and serenity.


Brown is the perfect color for the most sensible and practical of drivers.


The kinds of people who drive yellow vehicles tend to always have a smile on their face.


Rugged individuals who venture out into nature tend to do so in green vehicles.


Orange is one of the rarest car colors, so those who drive it really stand out in a crowd!

What does your car color say about you? Want to get a car accoring to this list? We have plenty for you to choose from at Carl Hogan!

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